Adding services


Let's add a new service reazy-auth which is available as a reazy plugin.

$ npm install --save reazy-auth

Open src/app.js.

import reazy from 'reazy';
import auth from 'reazy-auth';                    // <-- import the service
import reactNative from './services/react-native';

const app = reazy();

app.use(auth(), 'auth');                          // <-- Initialize the service
app.use(reactNative(), 'reactNative');

export default app;

Using CLI

Some services which are available as npm packages can be added using reazy-cli.

$ reazy add auth

This command will install reazy-auth npm package and also add the above mentioned lines in your app.js.

If this package doesn't contain the script to edit your files, the CLI will let you know. This means you will have to import and initialize the service yourself.

Learn more and create your own services

Now that we are done with the basic usage, let's dive into the details.

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